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There are so many attorneys in our community and there are clients who need legal services. What are clients looking for?

Clients need to be informed at every stage: Clients have absolute control in their affairs. Attorneys will advise clients so that they may take the best decision for themselves if there are multiple avenues to reach their goal. Clients will receive copy of any paperwork I have done in connection with their case.

Clients want specific fee schedule: Most clients complain about attorneys' fees. Fee schedule should be discussed thoroughly before the attorney starts his/her work. My fee agreement is carefully designed to avoid future/foreseeable fee dispute. My work will start upon receipt of an initial retainer.

Clients want to be heard: Your feedback is the key for my law practice to succeed. As long as clients are reasonable, I put the clients first. You deserve the best. You will find some of clients' feedback at "Testimonials" part of this web site.

Clients want attorneys to respond to e-mails promptly: Once you become my client, you have 24 hours accessibility to my office via e-mail. Some clients are surprised to see my office respond to their e-mails in a matter of several minutes or so. While I am on vacation, you will receive a vacation notice and your mail will be checked and responded within a reasonable time. I heavily rely on e-mails to smooth our communication channel with my clients, which I believe is also helping my clients not only in the US but also in other countries.

Clients want attorneys to return their calls promptly: My policy is to return clients' call at the latest within 24 hours. Usually you will receive my return call on the same day, even after business hours.

Yumi Yamada Karim

Attorney at Law