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Disclaimer: Below you will find several client testimonials which indicate the level of service I try to provide to all of my clients. Please be advised that prior results may not guarantee a similar outcome.

"Ms. Yamada is professional, thorough, friendly, accessible, efficient and positive. I highly recommend her services."

Kazue Tani, actress

"My expectation (getting legal permanent residency) was 100% satisfied. I thank you. I think Ms. Yamada-Karim demonstrated her professionalism and care for her client. She showed a lot of patience dealing with me even though I really procrastinated to initiate procedures in my part. She did not give up on me and followed though from the inception to my case approval. I had retained the previous immigration attorney from Tennessee. She did not follow through the case. I want you to stay as it is; i.e., showing competency, professionalism, care, and legal ethics."
Fumiaki Hamagami, College Professor, Virginia

"I sincerely appreciate Yumi's prompt, accurate and cordial services. I could picture to myself the world to come. She is a mind reader from the attorney planet."
Yoshiko Hirashige
Former lead guitarist of NBC's Saturday Night Live Houseband

"I appreciated her professional and detail-oriented work, which was quite satisfactory to me. I referred her services to many of my friends."
Satoshi INOUE, Jazz guitarist

"I am fortunate that Ms. Yamada-Karim has been taking care of my case. We have been going through dark days and nights, but I knew this day would eventually come. She is someone whom you can rely on and discuss anything with open mind. I also thank my dear friend who referred me to Ms. Yamada-Karim after she had learned that I was getting no help from any other potential counsels whom I contacted. With support from these people in mind, I am determined to overcome my trauma and become a productive person again. I finally got my life back. I will never forget her who gave me and my child a second chance."
VAWA self petitioner who lived overseas

"Immigration matters are very important to each client. Therefore prompt communication is important for me as it makes me aware of what I am facing and gives a little more peace of mind. During preparation for the interview, I appreciated Yumi taking the initiative to schedule an interview with us and also sending us reminders if they were needed. Yumi also did a great job of setting my expectations. Even when my interview with the adjudicator did not go well, she advised of alternatives and prepared me mentally for them. Finally, all our paperwork was neatly organized. This made it easy to follow. I want to thank the law office for its excellent legal services. I also thank Yumi for guiding us successfully through the process."
MR, IT Professional, New York who found our office online

"Yamada-san has done an outstanding job in making sure that my case would be approved for an H-1B visa. She has worked overtime I'm sure yet always stayed flexible to my requests, as well as my employers' requests. She was very prompt in answering my questions, and informed me well during the entire process. In addition, her bilingual skills has helped tremendously, and I know that if it weren't for her persistence and extensive research, I would not have been able to come this far, And most importantly, I could trust her without any hesitation."
SS, Client who was referred to us by her mother, New York

"I was very distressed and frustrated after receiving my H-1B visa denial which had been processed by my former counsel who seldom returned my repeated calls. My colleague's friend recommended Ms. Karim and I visited her office right away. She reviewed the denied petition, pinpointed the problem, and assured me that the case would be approved by adopting a different approach. Eventually, she helped me finally get my H1B visa. Her service was very detailed and she always answered my questions right away. I really thank her and I will recommend her to all my friends!"
KK, Social Worker, New York

"I initially retained her to obtain my H-1B visa. When I asked around other attorneys that time, most of them were not thrilled about my case and quoted a high fee because of that factor. My then-roommate who had retained her office recommended her. We both retained her and we got our visas by beating the H-1B cap while we saw other friends of ours leaving the US temporarily. I retained her for my Green Card and H-1B extension. Both went well. Ms. Karim always takes prompt actions and gives me the accurate advice. She is the "only" attorney I referred to my friends."
PR Rep, Chicago

"Believe it or not, I have never met her personally. But our company requests her office to process work visas for our prospective and existing employees. With the help of FedEx, scanner, and e-mail, we have no problem in accessing her office. She responds to our inquiries and acts on them more efficiently than the local attorney whom we used to retain. We all know how difficult it is to find a lawyer like her nowadays."

HR Manager, Chicago

"I was an expatriate who had lived here for several years with my own family. I decided to settle in the US for the sake of our children. I obtained Ms. Karim's contact through a former employee of ours. Her initial questions, advices and positive attitude were always filled with professionalism during the first phone-conversation. I was convinced that she was the RIGHT attorney I had been looking for. I eventually retained her. Documenting the evidence for the petition was not very easy since I have been here for years, but she relentlessly helped me and assisted me how we could present our case. I spent my unprecedented two-week vacation with my family after we had obtained our Green Cards. At the airport, I encountered no intimidating questions like I used to do before. We are all happy and we want to thank her. I wish her the best."

Former E visa holder, Chicago

"My husband became Ms. Karim's client through a referral from his colleague. While she was organizing numerous evidential documents for his immigrant petition, I won a DV lottery. She advised me to go for a DV to save our time. However, after 09/11, we waited and waited to no avail for several months, which was beyond our control. We started to worry whether we could make it within a specified time frame. She suggested that we should file my husband's petition for a back-up, which we agreed to. My husband's immigrant petition was approved swiftly and thereafter we began to feel at ease. We kept two avenues based upon her advice. Eventually, my DV appointment was scheduled one day prior to my husband's GC appointment! We chose DV interview while postponing the latter just in case. After my DV appointment went fine, she cancelled the appointment for my husband, which I thought was a safe and smart move. In retrospect, we could do without my husband's GC petition, but I am confident now that she screened my husband's case carefully and worked zealously on the matter. I will not forget this."

Former client M

Yumi Yamada Karim

Attorney at Law